Used panties are the most searched for item on Amazon.

    They are also the most expensive item, according to the Amazon survey.

    Many people have seen that, but some people are surprised that panties are considered the most used item on the site.

    The HuffingtonPost reached out to Amazon and asked about the ranking.

    Here’s what we found: Panty, underwear, and lingerie used are all trending.

    We also asked about other popular items, such as a sweater or a purse.

    The most popular item was a sweater, with nearly 3 million searches, and almost a third of the searches were for panty and underwear.

    A second popular item that we saw on Amazon, a pair of shoes, was the third most popular.

    In terms of price, the most commonly searched item was $14.95, and that was almost the same as the most-searched item.

    The top-rated items, though, were socks and underwear, with more than 13 million searches.

    The least popular item on this list, however, was underwear, which was only mentioned in one search.

    What’s the most common use for a used panties?


    The two most common uses for used panties are for underwear and bras.

    A large percentage of the panties sold are for use with a bra.

    A bra is a very popular item, but it’s not a household staple.

    A lot of people just buy underwear, because they like the way it looks and feel, and they don’t need a bra to wear it.

    But there are people who use them as underwear, too, and the top-selling item was an item called a bra-busty panty, with an estimated $12.94 on Amazon in its first day of sale.

    Another popular item is a pair the size of an 8-ball.

    Many men prefer them, and some women prefer them for their busty figure.

    Panty and panties also are popular with women.

    The next most popular category of items on Amazon are handbags and wallets, with $6.84 each.

    In the top 10 most popular items sold on Amazon were handbags, socks, and a purse, with a combined value of $9.88.

    The bottom 10 most searched items were socks, a dress, and shoes.

    What is Amazon’s ranking for the most frequently searched item?


    The biggest category on Amazon is shoes.

    Many sellers say the number of searches for shoes is the number that the item has been listed as in the search results.

    So if a seller says she has 50,000 searches for a pair, that’s probably 50,500 searches for the shoes.

    A pair of women’s shoes is listed as the number 1 item in the top 100 items, and it was listed in all 100 of the top items.

    A shoe that is $100 more expensive is the second most popular price on Amazon — behind a pair that is sold for $100 less.

    But shoes that are listed as $1,000 or less are the least popular items.

    Shoes are not the most requested item, with less than a third asking for a shoe, according the survey.

    What does Amazon’s “most popular” mean?

    The most commonly used item for a particular search was a pair.

    About 1 in 6 searches were related to shoes, according with the survey results.

    Another 1 in 4 were related with a purse and a sweater.

    But that was the least common item, and just over 1 in 10 searches were tied to a sweater — which is why most searches for it were tied with a pair or a bra — and less than 1 in 15 were tied for underwear.

    And just over one in 10 searched for a bra, a sweater and a pair — which was less than one in five.

    What do you think?

    Are the panties and underwear most popular?

    Let us know in the comments.

    This post was updated on Nov. 19, 2018, at 11:47 a.m.

    PT to clarify the number in the list of most searched and least searched items on the popular items page.


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