by Jessica L. Johnson from ABC News article BORN AND BROWN: BORN ON A CRASH: The moment a new parent discovers their baby is born prematurely or is having a baby bump and feels like they need help to keep their baby safe, it’s tempting to assume their firstborn is a bit “too young”.

    And if they’re right, it may be the case that they need a little help from some new mom friends.

    But what if the firstborn isn’t just a bit too young, or the baby doesn’t look the way you expected?

    It may not be a bad idea to explore the different options available when it comes to baby showering, baby clothing and more, and learn how to get the best results.

    READ MORE: Read about how to find a new baby shower partner and what to expect during a baby shower.

    Here’s what to look for: What to expect: Babies are usually born prematurely, which means their bodies are still developing well into their first trimester.

    That means they may not have all the physical characteristics of babies, including their bones, skin and teeth.

    But there are other factors that could influence your firstborns development.

    They may be at different ages, be older, have been given different birth names or other differences in body structure.

    They might also have been born with birth defects, such as Down syndrome, as well as some other health problems.

    What you need to know about your baby’s birth: Some babies may be born with Down syndrome.

    This means that their brains are smaller than normal and they have a different genetic makeup that can cause their brains to look different.

    If you’re not sure, ask your pediatrician.

    Babies born with a Down syndrome may have other health issues as well, such the following: they may have hearing problems or vision problems.

    They also may be allergic to certain types of foods or may have an allergic reaction to certain drugs or chemicals in their bodies.

    Their lungs may be affected or they may suffer from asthma.

    Babysitters who have Down syndrome are often called “trimester babies” because they are usually conceived during the third trimester of their pregnancies.

    They are usually very premature.

    Baby-center staff and consultants may help parents find a good birth partner.

    The following tips are from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Baby Book: The AAP Baby Book contains tips for choosing a baby-sitter, as a new mother or in the first tranche of a baby’s life.

    It is not intended as a substitute for the services of a trained birth-care provider or midwife.

    Parents can get the AAP Baby Manual, Baby Handbook and the AAP’s Baby Page to help them get started.

    READ WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Read the AAP Babies Handbook, which is an updated guide to helping parents find new birth-control options for babies.

    It also includes information on the AAP and its recommendations for health and safety for babies and new parents.

    The AAP’s website is at

    You can also find a variety of birth-related information on your local library’s website.

    There is also information about the AAP at www,, including information on birth health, including how to learn more about birth health and birth control, and birth related topics, including what’s in the AAP.

    The AARP website is also an excellent resource for information about birth safety, including birth planning, how to prevent birth defects and birth injuries, and how to protect your baby and yourself from birth-associated problems.

    You’ll also find information on safe and responsible parenting on its website.

    What to wear: Some new moms prefer to go all out when it come to baby gear.

    Some will even go so far as to buy their own outfits.

    But even the best of mommers may need some help.

    Some babies, particularly premature ones, can look different to mom, and may not look like what you’d expect.

    Some people think babies have a lot of “big” features like ears and mouths.

    But babies are usually only about the size of a grain of rice.

    They have small, rounded ears and a mouth.

    The tips below will help you to choose the best outfit for your first baby, and help you find a suitable baby-shower partner.

    If the first baby looks like the mother, wear a simple, loose, comfortable, fitted, comfortable outfit.

    If it looks like your baby is going to be a different size, wear something that will stretch your baby out.

    This may mean a fitted or fitted blouse, fitted pants or pants with a skirt.

    The most comfortable outfits for newborns are also the most practical, as they help babies breathe easier and feel more relaxed.

    The top of the head is where you’ll be comfortable.

    If your baby looks different from the mother because of a birth defect, the top of your head is the first place you’ll want to focus


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