Faded panties are a pretty common sight in the bathroom.

    The only problem?

    They can get pretty gross.

    “They can get really gross.

    They have little holes in them,” says Kalei.

    “When you put them on, it’s like they’re being pulled out of your vagina.

    They’re just kind of sitting there and you just want to throw them away.”

    But there’s a way to get those panties back in your drawer.

    “I’ve used a couple of different methods of removing them,” she says.

    “The easiest is to just take them out and wash them and dry them.”

    “You wash them in the dishwasher, just rinse them out,” says her sister, Kate.

    “Then you just wipe them with a damp cloth and they look really nice and shiny.”

    And then there’s the wet cloth method.

    “You put a damp paper towel in a cup and then just wipe it off,” she explains.

    “It’s really easy to do.”

    But if you don’t want to use a damp towel, there’s an easier and more permanent solution.

    “If you just rub them out with your hand, you can just pull them out, you don’ have to scrub them out.

    You just put them back on and go about your day,” says Kate.

    It doesn’t take long for the panties to come out, but the good news is you can’t just throw them in a trash can.

    “Some of them actually can be recycled,” she recommends.

    So if you find a pair that looks a little too good to go, try drying them with paper towels before you throw them out in the washing machine.

    “Because they’re quite large, it would be a shame to throw away those old panties and have to replace them,” Kate says.

    They can also be recycled if they have an expiration date, so you can reuse them after you’ve washed them.

    “So if they’ve been in the drawer for a couple weeks, you could put them into the recycling bin,” says Katie.

    “Or if they’re not in a drawer, you might just use them in your laundry.

    Just wipe them off and throw them into a dryer.

    And you could just put those old underwear in the recycle bin, or put them in plastic bags and put them away,” says Kaylee.

    “But I think the best thing to do is just to throw the old underwear away,” Kate adds.

    “Like put them out of the way and just use something else to make a new pair.”

    But before you start throwing out your old panties, it can be helpful to remember a few tips.

    “First, you should make sure that the ones that you’re going to throw out have no visible markings on them,” Katie says.

    She also advises throwing away any pair that is worn out and has no obvious marks on it.

    “And if you’re throwing out panties that have been sitting out for a while, then put them under the heating element in the fridge for a few hours,” says Katie.

    “Otherwise you could end up with a very sticky mess.”

    And if you are going to toss out a pair of old panties that you don,t want to keep, then don’t put them inside your house.

    “Don’t put those panties in your garage,” says Keely.

    “Instead put them outside.”

    And don’t use them to clean your hands.

    “Unless you’re putting them in something, they should just be thrown away,” explains Kate.

    She says the best way to dispose of your discarded panties is to dispose them in landfill or compost.


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