Wet spots are the perfect spot for panties to linger, and for a reason.

    When you’re wet, you can make yourself cum and your body is more likely to relax.

    Wet spots aren’t just for the ladies.

    A new study finds that wet spots can also help relieve tension and help you relax. 

    The research, conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge, was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

    The study analyzed the relationship between wet spots and relaxation and found that they actually helped relieve tension.

    The researchers also discovered that wet spot-induced relaxation was correlated with improved mood.

    “We think that wet places are a kind of sensory pleasure, they’re like the smell of a flower,” study researcher Sarah MacLean told the BBC.

    “When you’re feeling stressed, it’s a little difficult to control what’s going on in your body, so you can’t have a great orgasm in the same moment.”

    It’s no surprise then that wet areas have become a staple of women’s lingerie, especially in the past decade.

    The average woman wears a variety of wet spot and panty styles, with the majority of them having been designed for comfort.

    “It’s a natural response for a woman,” MacLean said.

    “You’re going to be a little stressed, and you’re going be a lot wet.”

    However, while the researchers believe that wetness helps to relax, they believe that its more than just a pleasant sensation.

    MacLean explains that “there are many positive effects, including that women who have wet spots have higher levels of cortisol and are more likely than others to have mood disorders.”

    According to the researchers, the wet spot is also a way to increase self-confidence, since “the more relaxed you are, the more confident you are.”

    MacLean, who is also the Director of the University’s Sexual Health and Sexuality Research Centre, believes that “the wet spot can be a very good way of being more comfortable with your body.”

    This is important because it can also boost your self-esteem. 

    “If you’re comfortable with yourself, then people feel comfortable with you, and it can create a feeling of confidence,” she explained.

    “There’s a lot of research showing that women are more confident when they feel more comfortable in their own skin.”

    In the study, participants wore three different types of wet spots for 15 minutes each.

    The first was a simple white dot that was just visible on the skin, while another was a pink spot that was visible underneath.

    The third and final type of wet location was a light pink spot in the center of each woman’s chest.

    After the participants were asked to look at their bodies for 30 seconds, the researchers measured their heart rates and the blood pressure.

    The results showed that participants who wore the pink spot reported a lower heart rate and a higher blood pressure than those who wore a simple red dot.

    “Our results show that people with wet spots reported lower blood pressure and lower heart rates, which may help with self-acceptance,” Maclean said.

    While the study is not intended to prove that wet positions are for everyone, MacLean believes that they can help women with chronic pain.

    “For women with pelvic pain, it may help to get some wet spots to relax them and to feel more relaxed,” she said.

    The researchers are now working on developing a new wet spot for men that will allow them to be more comfortable while they’re on the bed.

    They plan to release a study that will look at the effect of wetness on sleep.

    “If we can find a better way to make people more comfortable, then we could have a better relationship with them,” MacLane added.

    “But until we find that solution, we’re going back to a basic white dot.”

    You can find more on the study here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002579171700039?referrer=pharmacynewsfeeds&cat=health&lang=en


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