A pantylist has spent her career doing everything from stripping to selling designer lingerie and dressing the heads of high-profile celebrities.

    Now, she’s the face of a new online company that’s turning her profession into a fashion accessory.

    CNN’s Gloria Rodriguez and Jake Tapper join the show.

    (CNN) A new company called Panty Styler has raised nearly $50 million in venture funding to launch in 2017, a time when the world of fashion has changed so dramatically, she said.

    “It’s really about changing your body from the bottom up,” she told CNN.

    “And I feel that every day I’m a part of changing people’s bodies and helping them to live more authentic lives.”

    The company, called Pantypants, was founded by two former model/actresses, Angelica Pascual and Angelina Nesbitt, and features models who dress as stylists for the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lady M and Kim Kardashian West.

    Angelica and Angelica say they want to make it possible for people to wear the clothes they love in a way that will be comfortable, safe and affordable.

    “We are doing a lot of creative, personalizing work and creating a beautiful, authentic, professional body that we feel people can wear,” Angelica told CNN, adding that the business is “about creating a body that’s empowering and beautiful for everyone.”

    Angelica said she decided to join the company after being inspired by the work of a woman who works at the famed fashion boutique Victoria’s Secret.

    “I wanted to see a way to do something for my community, but I didn’t want to go to the expensive boutique to do it,” she said in a statement.

    “So I started thinking, ‘What if I can do this with my body?'”

    Angelica started designing lingerie for the company and soon had clients like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga.

    She also became the face and model of a line of women’s pants.

    She and her husband, Tyler Pascuelos, have been featured in the New York Times, the Huffington Post and the New Yorker, among other publications.

    Angelina has been featured on CNN and USA Today, and her website has garnered more than 3 million visitors.

    The company’s website features an exclusive gallery of panty designs, and Angelico has been recognized for her work at New York Fashion Week.

    She told CNN that she’s also been asked to do a ton of other things, including model for a line called Dolly Parton’s Dolly and for the clothing line Victoria’s Choice.

    “All of the clothing I have done has been done for Victoria’s choice,” Angelic said.

    Angelicas new clothing line is called Pantys Style.

    She said she hopes the new line will appeal to people who are not always in fashion and who have been inspired by Victoria’s Style, a fashion brand started in the 1970s.

    Angelino said Victoria’s Fashion Week is “always a great time for me, because I have been able to be a part in bringing back Victoria’s signature look.”

    “So, I hope that it’s going to be something that people look at, and it’s something that they’re going to look forward to,” Angelico said.

    Victoria’s is still the most recognizable brand for Angelica, who has worked as a stylist and model for some of the biggest names in fashion.

    Angelita told CNN in an interview that she thinks Victoria’s style has influenced her work in many ways.

    “Victoria’s Style was really a movement that wanted to bring back the glamour that was in the ’70s and 80s,” Angelita said.

    She added that Victoria’s inspired her to work with models in her own line.

    “The way that Victoria was doing it, the way she approached it was the way I was approaching it, too,” Angelia said.

    But, Angelina also said that Victoria didn’t always have a high-end clientele.

    “People who might not be fashion-conscious, they may be in the know, they might be fashion conscious, but they’re not necessarily fashion conscious,” she explained.

    “But Victoria’s has definitely changed the way that it looks to people in a lot different ways.”

    Angelicas experience with Victoria’s influenced her business, and she believes her experience is helping her create the new Pantys style.

    “That is so exciting, I’ve been thinking about Victoria’s for like, 10 years now,” Angelicas said.

    Her vision is to make Victoria’s the most authentic and beautiful panty brand on the market.

    Angelic says the line will offer customers the same quality of product that Victoria used to have, but with a little more creativity and less of a strict dress code.

    Angelinos line will feature a variety of different styles and options to suit different body types.

    Angela said she wants the Pantys line to be the “next big thing” for women’s fashion.

    “At the end of the


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