A man with a penchant for online fetish porn is now taking on the world’s largest online community of fetish porn viewers with his own underwear.

    The 19-year-old, whose real name is Shlomo, has taken to Twitter to launch his underwear line, “Shlomo’s AO Porn.”

    His underwear line is a combination of porn and lingerie, with items like an ankle length pink thong and a bra in black leather.

    It all began with a dream to make a pair of underwear for a girl I was interested in.

    The girl was interested not in the material, but in the way it looked and felt, Shloma said.

    She wanted something with her body, but I was not a fan of that.

    The dream was realized when I was browsing the Internet and found that I wanted to buy something to wear to a show, and that’s when I realized that I would make underwear for girls.

    I wanted it to be something they could wear with the clothes they had on.

    The panties came out naturally.

    I’m just trying to make it something they can wear with clothes that they don’t really wear.

    Shlomos underwear line has now become a phenomenon on the Internet.

    The underwear line features items like socks, panties, and bra straps that can be worn with everyday clothes, such as shorts, t-shirts, and dresses.

    The items also come with other options, such a belt or handbag, depending on the item, Shlsomos panties say on their website.

    The underwear comes in black, pink, and blue.

    Shlsoms underwear is also available in white, and there are plans to include a variety of colors.

    Shloms underwear line began when the 19-yr-old’s girlfriend and best friend, who also goes by the name of Leah, asked him to make underwear that she would wear.

    Leah wanted a set of panties that would fit her body but not interfere with the way she looked in her clothes, Shlapomos said.

    “I thought that if I can make underwear in a way that makes me look my best, then that will be my way of showing my friends that I am who I am, that I love them and that I have no shame,” he said.

    Shlapomoses underwear line sells for $39.95 on the website and is available online and in stores.

    The man, who has been called a “porn prince” on social media, also goes into his underwear to promote the site and other fetish products.

    “I love showing my fans that I’m a sexy man who loves to show them his underwear,” he wrote.

    “People should be able to wear whatever they want in public without being embarrassed.”

    Read more about underwear, sex, and the Internet in Jerusalem’s The Jerusalem Times.


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