When my father first started his career in the military, he had a new job: a sales rep for a military company.

    He was young and ambitious.

    But when he retired, he said, he needed a job that was more fulfilling than what he had done.

    That’s where my job came in: to talk about women in the armed forces.

    The company I worked for paid me $40 an hour, a lot less than I’d earned at my job.

    He had a tough time getting women to join the military.

    They were underrepresented in leadership positions and, according to the American Association of University Women, women were more likely to be killed in combat.

    I worked my butt off, trying to educate my superiors and the public about the dangers of sexism in the service.

    I was a part of something that was a struggle for me.

    It wasn’t until the end of my junior year of high school that I started receiving a lot of death threats.

    In fact, one day, I was in a grocery store and someone threw a beer bottle at me.

    It hurt like hell, and I was scared to come out of my store.

    The next day, another man threw a gun at me, and he said I should kill myself.

    It was scary, but I didn’t want to die.

    I didn’ t want to be a statistic.

    The threats were really hurting.

    The day I got the phone call from my dad that I was going to be shot, I had the most intense feelings in my body.

    I wanted to throw myself into the ocean.

    It didn’t matter how many times I called my dad, he didn’t answer.

    And I was thinking, Why?

    Why would I do that to myself?

    It was just a feeling.

    When I woke up the next morning, my mom had gone to work.

    My dad was in the kitchen.

    I couldn’t go to school, but that didn’t stop me from taking a shower and shaving.

    It wasn’t a choice.

    I went out to a parking lot to get a new set of clothes, and a car pulled up next to me.

    I remember looking over to see my dad and his mom talking.

    They didn’t even look at each other.

    They just looked at each another.

    And that was the first time I truly felt like I belonged in the Army.

    I started seeing my dad as a person.

    It became a way to support myself financially.

    I had to have a steady job.

    I needed money to buy food, clothing, and food stamps.

    At first, I tried to work part time.

    I would work as a cashier at McDonald’s and take advantage of the company’s discounting.

    But my paycheck never topped $20 an hour.

    The more I worked, the more I got to know my dad.

    I realized that my job was not to be an activist, it was to serve.

    My job was to help others.

    I knew that it wasn’t always easy to be able to speak out.

    But it helped me.

    At the time, I didn t know the exact words to use when I said something that made people uncomfortable.

    I said I was tired of hearing about the war.

    I told people that I had PTSD.

    It made people angry.

    I made people think about how they treat women.

    But I wasn’t going to quit.

    My life in the army changed for the better when I became a captain in the infantry.

    I got a job as a platoon leader, and the women I served with were so much more confident in me and so much closer to me than before.

    They respected me and were more willing to give me support.

    I still feel the same way now.

    I can’t say enough about my dad’s influence on me and my life.

    I never would have been where I am today without my father.

    I owe so much to him.

    I feel that I’m still able to do what I love, and that I still have the same passion and dedication I had when I was young.

    For me, my family is the only source of comfort.

    When my mom died, I started going to church regularly.

    That helped me connect to my faith, and when my dad died, he left behind a wife and two children.

    He died at 83 years old.

    I think about him everyday.

    It’s an honor to serve my country, to serve our country’s soldiers, and to support women in all parts of the military who have the courage to serve and fight for their country.

    It is not easy, but it is something that we all have to do.

    The Army’s new leadership team is looking to hire a female Marine Corps captain.

    We want to hire women.

    The military is a strong institution that serves the country and its soldiers.

    It needs women in every facet of its work.

    The Corps has had to work hard to make that happen, but the leadership team at the Marine Corps has made it a priority.

    It will not stop until the


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