The day is getting late and I’m in the middle of getting ready for work when I hear a knock on my door.

    I open it and see a busty brunette with a huge round butt and a huge, curvy booty in the corner of my bedroom.

    She’s wearing only a thot-covered bra and panties, but she looks really sexy.

    I get excited, thinking about the way I could be getting her a thonk for the office.

    The doorbell rings, but I can’t answer it.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Why is she there?

    Why can’t I get a job today?

    I sit down and I look up to see a huge cock jutting out of the wall.

    I start to panic.

    I’m on my way to the airport to fly to California when the cock pops out of my ass and onto the bed.

    I quickly grab my bag and take off my shirt and panties.

    I pull the panties up and show her the big, round butt.

    She turns around and smiles, saying, “You’ve got a cock, you got a dick!”

    That was the moment I knew that I would never have to work in a day.

    I have never been in a situation like this, and I know how to treat a woman the right way.

    If I ever need to get fucked up again, I’ll just fuck her in the ass.

    That is, until I see the cock again.

    “Are you sure this is your boyfriend?”

    She asks.

    I tell her it is.

    She goes back to her panties and I start jerking off again.

    She says, “I want to have sex with you, but we need to wait for him to finish his flight first.”

    “I’m sorry, but you’re not getting that.”

    “No, I’m not.

    I’ll have sex right away.

    It’s all I can do.”

    I say.

    She gives me a big smile and walks out the door, taking off her clothes.

    She walks back to my room and kisses me on the cheek.

    “You’re the best.”

    My cock is now in a tight, hard position.

    My girlfriend wants to fuck me hard.

    She asks if I can cum while I’m inside her.

    I say sure.

    My cock is so hard right now.

    She wants to get in a position where she can cum.

    I grab my penis and I slide it inside her ass, just below the pussy lips.

    I put my cock between her legs and slide it in and out of her wet pussy.

    I start fucking her ass hard.

    I think I’ve cum before, but this is different.

    I feel a hot rush of cum start to run down my cock and start dribbling down my leg.

    My cum starts dribbling out of me, running down her legs.

    I look down at my cock in the mirror.

    I see that I’ve just cum twice.

    I try to cum again, but the balls in my balls stop working.

    I cum again and again.

    I know this is not what she wants.

    I can tell she’s getting turned on by this.

    I push my cock out of both of her holes and I tell myself I’m going to cum all over her ass again.

    After about 10 seconds of cumming in each of her positions, I look back at her and tell her, “It’s over.

    You have to fuck your boyfriend again.”

    She looks at me and says, “… but I think we should do it today.”

    I tell them that I want to cum in front of her.

    They both laugh and say, “Yes, we will.”

    I pull out of them and cum all on the bed, cumming all over each other.

    The next morning, my girlfriend comes into the room and she looks at my dick.

    She smiles and says,”I think you did it.”

    She smiles back.

    I lean down and she kisses my neck.

    I am now cumming on her tits.

    She sits down on the edge of the bed and lets me fuck her for the first time.

    I don’t get a second of pleasure out of it.

    I decide to finish with her, but first I have to do it for her.

    After she gets fucked, I give her a big kiss and tell that I will be the one who makes her cum.


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