Hairy pussy and anal playtime are a thing.

    But a new line of anal plugs, designed to be worn around the anus, is a thing too.

    They’re called nylon panties.

    And they’re a pretty big deal.

    The Nylon Panty, designed by UK firm OX, is the latest addition to the ever-expanding category of anal toys.

    It’s a new range that is available in a range of shapes and sizes, and is made of nylon, not rubber.

    It is also made from the same material as the butt plug, so it is a bit like the anal plug.

    And if you think that’s an odd combination, think again.

    Nylon panties have been around for a long time, and the concept dates back to at least the 19th century.

    The first example of the Nylon Butt Plug is dated to 1879.

    It’s a natural evolution, and while the rubber butt plug is the most well-known anal toy, the Nylons have a number of other products in the pipeline.

    OX has been making a line of nylon panties for at least a decade, and it recently launched the OX Nylon Pro Butt Plug, which will go on sale in the UK later this year.

    And it’s definitely not the first anal toy that comes with rubber tips.

    OXM, a UK firm, launched a line in 2011 that included a rubber buttplug, which is still available in the US.

    But the OXL’s Nylon Plug has a special place in the anal toys world.

    It came out of a collaboration between OX and German firm Wunderfab.

    Wunder, which was founded in 2000, is famous for making anal toys for men.

    It makes some of the best butt plugs, and they’ve become a staple of many a men’s anal toy collection.OXL have created a series of plugs designed to work with a wide range of anal playstyles.

    They are designed to fit into the tightest anal spaces, and are designed so that the rubber tip sticks to the anal opening.

    The silicone tip sticks into the anus and is then secured with a rubber grommet.

    OXL also includes a lubed, silicone-coated anal plug that is meant to be placed over the anal canal.

    They come in three different sizes, with the Pro Butt plug coming in at around a foot and a half long, and also the NXL Pro Butt.


    Which of these panties are best for a husband in panties?

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