Cotton panties are popular in many countries.

    But what do you do when the toilets at home don’t have the proper amenities?

    This is what you need to know.

    The Times Of India article Cotton Pads, Pissing Pipes and Litter Pipes can be a problem.

    Here are some of the problems with them.


    Cotton Pins – A cotton pad can be used as a toilet paper.

    It is cheap and easy to make.

    It can be recycled as waste material.

    However, the smell of the cotton pad is terrible.


    Cotton Panties – Cotton panties are also a cheap and convenient toilet paper to make and dispose of.

    But the smell is so bad that it can be seen on a person’s nose.


    Pisses and Pungent Pipes – They can be an easy way to make noise while you are using the toilet.

    However you can also make them as a deterrent to people who enter your toilet.


    Pile of Clothes – You can also put clothes in a pile of toilet paper or put them in a bucket of water.

    They are a nuisance.


    Pillow – Pillow is also a great toilet paper for you to use while you have a bath or shower.

    However they are not a problem when you are on your toilet at home.


    Potted Plant – Potted plants are a waste product and they can cause a lot of pollution.

    So if you have no other option, it is a good idea to get rid of them.


    Washing Machine – A washing machine is a great option when you have little to no space.

    However it is not a toilet-friendly option when your toilet is on a flat roof or outside the house.


    Pillows – They are cheap and can be reused as toilet paper as long as you don’t add any liquid.


    Popsicles – Popsicle can be placed on the ground or in the air.

    The smell is bad and the person can smell the poop as they are chewing on the popsicle.


    Tampons – They don’t help a lot in the fight against pollution.


    Pads – These are also toilet paper but they have no smell and can cause pollution.


    Tissues – This is a waste item and can make you feel nauseous.

    It has to be disposed of quickly.


    Litterpipes – This can also be a waste material and is a nuisance for the person who comes in contact with it. 14.

    Pillage – When you have to dispose of the toilet paper, you can dispose of trash by using garbage bins or dumpsters.


    Plastic Bottles – Plastic bottles are used in many places and are also good for the environment.

    But they are a very good waste product.


    Pools – Plastic is a useful toilet paper material and can help clean up waste water.

    However there is a problem that plastic bottles can be found in many cities and towns.


    Bathrooms – Bathrooms are a common waste item.

    But toilets are not built for it.

    You can try making your own toilet by cutting out a hole and filling it with plastic.


    Tents – Tents are not very durable.

    You may be able to find them for cheap at home stores.


    Pods – Pod is another waste item that is a pollution issue.


    Pans – Pan is a plastic container that can be easily removed.


    Piles of Clothing – You may also want to throw clothes in piles of paper.


    Plastic Tubs – Plastic tubs are not an ideal toilet paper choice.

    The plastic material can cause problems.


    Pots – Pots are not suitable for the toilet and are a litter issue.


    Lamps – Lamp is another option to use for a toilet.


    Showers – Showers are an easy waste item to dispose.


    Plastic Showers: Showers with electric outlets are not acceptable for the purpose.


    Laundry Dishes – Laundries are not toilet-safe.

    The people coming into your house will be exposed to the air, so you will need to dispose the food waste.


    Shower Panels – Panels with screens are a convenient waste item for people coming in contact.

    However the screen can cause the same problem as the pan.


    Flush toilets – This type of toilet is a convenience to people.

    But it can cause environmental pollution when the toilet is flushed.


    Tissue Containers – There are also waste items in a tissue container that you need disposal.


    Lighter – A lighter is not toilet friendly.

    You should dispose of it quickly.


    Trash Bin – It is not safe to put trash in a trash bin.


    Plastic Pumps – Pumps are not toilets friendly.

    They also have no effect on pollution.

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