Two lingerier brands have released lingerie for women who don’t like to turn their panties inside out.

    Flamingo and the lingerie company Aussie Luxe say their “unisex” panties can be turned outside in the shower, but if they’re left in the bathroom they can only be worn under a bra.

    The brand is offering two sets of panties that are designed to keep the panties inside, while also being able to be worn inside the house.

    There are two different types of Aussie panties available, with one being made to hold the panties together, while the other has a built-in button to turn the panties outside.

    Each set is $30 and will be available at the Flamingo store,, or in select online stores, from March 11 through March 15.

    The company also said its panties can hold their shape, and can also be worn in different styles.

    “When you’re in the house you’re more relaxed, you can move around more and you can put on a bra and go outside,” Flamingogos founder and chief executive officer Peter Legg said in a statement.

    He added that the company’s “unified brand philosophy” makes it easier for women to pick and choose their favourite style, but added it’s not a gimmick.

    “It’s a way of making sure that everyone has access to the same thing.

    There’s no single ‘best’ thing, we’re trying to keep things simple and not go over the top,” he said.

    Aussie Lux, which is based in Brisbane, Australia, and is owned by Australian-based company AUS Brands, launched the AussieLuxe panties in 2016.

    It’s made from 100 per cent polyester fabric that has been washed, dried and sewn to create a fabric with stretch and elasticity, and it comes with a built in button to flip it inside out in a bathroom or outside.

    Flamingos co-founder Peter Leger said the brand has more than 200,000 customers and was the first to offer a fully-functioning panties in the US.

    “When we launched in Australia, we wanted to give the consumer more options,” he told ABC News.

    “We were able to get more customers and more customers liked the products, so we wanted people to go to the website and find a new pair of panties.”

    AussieLuxe and Flamingos were co-founded by Peter Legger and Sarah Legg.

    Both are women who have been in the business for four years.

    Aussie Luxe is a brand that is more about a range of styles, with two models that can be worn all day and a range that can also look great in summer.

    This was the same time that Legg and Legg’s husband, a professional chef, were preparing dinner and wanted to get in the habit of wearing their own underwear.

    “Our kitchen is so big and so beautiful, so it was really important to have a lot of options,” Legg told ABC’s Lateline.

    “And we’ve got a lot.

    So when we started looking at the options, we looked at Aussie Luxe.

    It’s really something that I think a lot women would want.”

    Legg said the women were very enthusiastic about their products.

    “I love when they say they’ve got all the right things in the right place, and that the products are perfect for them,” he explained.

    “They said, ‘I love it, it’s really good’.

    It’s so important to make sure that every woman can go through the process and find what she wants and they can do it the right way.”

    Legger said Flamingoes lingerie is aimed at women who want to be able to turn it inside-out.

    Both brands say the panties are made to last.

    Legg says that the fabric is stretchy and flexible, and also that the elastic is “really good”.

    “It will not go with anything, it will stay in place,” he added.

    “But if you’ve got the right underwear, you won’t be able get it out.”

    The AussieBoys, AUS Girls and Flamingo models all have a bra, while Flamingozes models have a cup.

    Legg told Lateline the underwear is also a “really cool” way of getting into lingerie.

    “There’s lots of women who say, ‘why can’t I just put on my underwear?'” he said, adding that women who wanted to wear lingerie under their dresses or under their skirts would be happy with Flamingoa’s underwear.

    He said he has seen “huge” interest from women in the United States, but they were also happy with the material.

    “So it’s a really good way to try something different,” he concluded.

    “Women love to wear it and it


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