According to Israeli military statistics, between January 2005 and September 2013, there were at least 4,000 complaints of soldiers being forced to wear the clothing.

    According to the latest data from the Israel Defense Forces, there have been more than 17,000 cases of soldiers wearing clothing that is not officially recognized as clothing.

    But the IDF’s own statistics show that the number of cases is actually far lower than these figures suggest.

    The Israeli military has recently released new statistics that show that of the more than 2,000 claims it received for forced nudity in 2014, only about 300 were investigated.

    That means that, in fact, Israeli soldiers were often forced to cover up during their combat duty in the occupied West Bank.

    In other words, they often wore dresses and masks during combat.

    In many cases, these women wore them to cover the bare buttocks, breasts, and genitals.

    The uniforms were often decorated with slogans such as “The military has no right to humiliate women,” or “Women are not property.”

    The dress code and dress code violations The uniform is also sometimes accompanied by other restrictions.

    Some military commanders have instructed soldiers to not use any form of social media or social networking sites.

    Other restrictions were less severe.

    Some commanders, for example, told female soldiers to avoid going out alone at night and to stay in their barracks.

    Others have reportedly ordered female soldiers not to use their personal cellphones during their deployments.

    Some women were also ordered to wear a mask during their military duty, which may have meant they could not wear their headscarves while at work.

    The IDF has also issued orders to women to refrain from having sex outside marriage.

    The military has issued a list of sexual harassment policies that include sexual harassment against soldiers, as well as sexual harassment toward female soldiers and soldiers with disabilities.

    Some of the women who were accused of violating the military’s dress code during their service in the West Bank were also accused of being prostitutes.

    A number of women were arrested and jailed for violating the dress code.

    For example, in March 2015, a woman in the Kfar Kana district of Ramallah was detained by Israeli forces after she was seen wearing a skirt, a dress, and gloves to cover her body.

    A military court found her guilty of “obscene” behavior, and sentenced her to seven months in jail.

    In August 2016, a second woman, who had been in the same district, was detained in the city of Hebron for two weeks.

    She was accused of “improper sexual conduct,” which means she was arrested for not wearing a veil or a headscarf, as required by military regulations.

    The two women are now appealing their convictions.

    The women have since been released.

    But many of them, including the second woman who was arrested, continue to face the same harassment and assault charges.

    As of December 31, 2015, there are now more than 300 cases of sexual violence against Israeli soldiers, including women and girls.

    In addition to the dress codes and dress codes violations, the military also has been accused of abusing its power over Palestinian citizens.

    According in its own statistics, the IDF has reported more than 7,500 instances of Palestinian citizens being targeted in 2014.

    In some cases, the soldiers arrested for being suspected of committing the crimes were allowed to walk free without being prosecuted.

    In one case, the soldier who allegedly assaulted a woman was released after the court decided that the woman’s family could not be responsible for her injuries.

    According a military source, there has also been an increase in the use of torture and other forms of ill-treatment by the IDF.

    The army is currently investigating a number of allegations of abuse against its soldiers.

    In October 2016, the army released a report on its treatment of women in custody.

    In its report, the government of the Palestinian Authority, which is based in the Israeli occupied West bank, stated that the army had used harsh methods against female soldiers in the past, including beating them with rubber-coated metal rods.

    The report stated that many of the soldiers in its custody were “physically and mentally abused” and were subjected to physical and psychological abuse.

    In December 2016, after a year of investigations and a new law passed by parliament, the Israeli military admitted that soldiers had sexually assaulted and threatened Palestinian women, including minors, while they were detained.

    The number of Palestinian women who reported being sexually abused in custody by the Israeli army has increased by 300 percent over the last year.

    The government of Israel has launched an investigation into the reports of sexual abuse against Palestinian women by Israeli soldiers.

    According the army, the investigation has determined that more than 500 incidents of sexual assault and threats against Palestinian citizens were reported in 2015.

    At least 12 cases were found to be “serious enough to warrant an investigation,” the army said.

    At the end of December, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that he would resign if the army’s findings of abuse were confirmed.

    In the meantime, Netanyahu will remain in office.

    He said that


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