The term “panty” is an oft-used insult, and it’s not just for girls.

    “Panty-rubbing” has been around since the 1990s, when the phrase first began to be used to describe women who were taking off their panties and rubbing their pussies.

    And the term has since spread beyond the internet, into everyday conversation.

    “I think it’s definitely a word that is funny,” said Lisa Moulton, a senior writer at The Guardian.

    “I think sometimes people get offended, but that’s not the point.”

    In addition to being funny, the word has been associated with something that might be offensive, said Moultons co-author of the book Pajama Boy: The World of Pajamas and The Panty Culture.

    The word “panty” has a very negative connotation in general, and people who use it are often not conscious of that, she said.

    People may not know it is an insult, but it has an underlying meaning that is just not well-known.

    So, it’s like the other things we hear about that are very negative and they have this negative connotations.

    The connotation is that you’re not good enough, you’re stupid or you don’t have a sense of humor.

    It’s like, ‘Why would you use this word?’

    “And it just makes people feel really angry,” she said of people who have used the word.

    Pajama Boys and their friends “The internet is the great equalizer,” Moulston said.

    People have been using it as a term to express a negative feeling about certain things in the world, she added.

    So, the question is: Is there a positive connotation to using the word “patty”?

    “I know it’s a word people might think is a negative thing, but I think that’s exactly the point,” Moutons co-founder and executive editor of the Huffington Post, Anna Holmes, told msnbc.

    “When you use it in a negative way, people will say ‘Yeah, I can relate to that,’ and that’s when it’s really effective.

    And it’s also a way of connecting with the community.

    I think it does help people to understand that we’re all just trying to do good in the universe.”

    Moulton also believes that “pat” has the ability to make you laugh, because it has the same meaning.

    “There’s no negative con meaning behind the word,” she told

    There is also a positive, positive con meaning that you are not doing your best or you are doing something wrong, she told the outlet.

    But, if you use the word in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, “you will feel a bit uncomfortable and maybe get offended,” Mountons cofounder told, adding that it can cause “a bit of a social disconnect.”

    “If you use a word like, you know, ‘dude, what you doing?’ or ‘You’re not supposed to be doing this,’ it’s actually really upsetting,” she added, “and it’s very, very bad for the community.”

    And when it comes to the topic of peeing in public, Moulson said that “it’s just not that fun,” especially when people are laughing at it.

    I think the internet is really a great equalizing force, she explained.

    And I think there are so many people who think it is just the worst thing that has ever happened to them, so I think we can really connect with that, but the reality is it’s probably not that funny.


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