An online survey of 2,000 women revealed that many are embracing the new trend of opening up their bra straps in a way that will allow them to take off their panties at the drop of a hat.

    The survey was carried out by online lingerie retailer Glamour for the Canadian Institute of Technology.

    “We found that a majority of women are more comfortable opening up the bra straps when they are in the right position to do so, which is a nice surprise,” says Kristin Linton, senior research analyst with Glamor.

    “A few women have also stated that they’re uncomfortable when the bra strap is exposed in a position that is less comfortable.”

    The survey found that 68 per cent of women in Canada have at least one bra strap that has a hole in it.

    Some of the most common positions are sitting on the floor, with a bra strap protruding from underneath, or sitting on top of a chair.

    The bra strap can be opened and closed, or adjusted and folded back and forth.

    It’s not uncommon to see women wearing the same bra strap for several years without ever changing it.

    Many of these women will have seen other lingerie styles in the store, which allow them the freedom to experiment with bra straps without compromising comfort.

    The research also found that when women were asked to describe what they liked best about bra straps, most said they liked that they allow for more flexibility and that they have a “little bit of bounce” when opening the straps up.

    “It’s not like the straps are hanging down and you’re sitting on a chair and then you put your hand down to pull it back,” Linton says.

    “You don’t have to have your arm in the way of it to open up.

    I think it’s great that we can be comfortable with it.

    It makes you feel more relaxed.”

    Another common bra strap-related sentiment was the desire to have the strap open to the sides so that the wearer can bend it around their shoulders.

    Linton adds that many of these bras are now available in styles that offer “nipple pads”, which are padded cups that allow the wearer to wear more of their own breast tissue while keeping the straps open.

    But what about the rest of the bra?

    “A lot of women have had issues with their bras getting too big,” Lissons says.

    That’s because many women choose to wear them with an “open back”, meaning that the strap doesn’t have the full width of the bust, allowing for more of the breast tissue to protrude out.

    Lisson adds that this could be problematic for some women, particularly those with larger busts who are less comfortable with full-bust bras.

    “Women who wear a large bust are often asked to wear bras that are too large, which can be uncomfortable,” she says.

    In addition, many of the bras that offer nipple pads do not offer “a full-cup cup,” which can lead to a “gaping” effect in the cups when worn in certain positions.

    “I’ve also heard some women say they prefer bras that have a little bit of the full-breasted option and that it allows them to have a bit more freedom to move around and take their nipples out of their bras and into their underwear,” Lisinton says


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