A few months ago, we started reporting on the case of Akshay Kumar, who is being accused of sexual harassment by two women who claim he groped them in an elevator.

    In the last week, the actor has been linked to a similar case of a man who allegedly groped a female model.

    While the former case was initially reported to be a mere allegation, the woman who alleges that the actor assaulted her claims that the two incidents happened in different parts of Mumbai.

    The actress is also a member of the Akshaya Foundation, which helps the victims of sexual violence.

    In a statement, the foundation said the two women had accused the actor of sexual assault, and had been advised to file a complaint.

    The actress’s publicist did not respond to our request for comment.

    AkshAY Kumar, the name of his film, is currently in the news for a separate incident.

    Earlier, the actress, who plays a prostitute in the film, allegedly groping a woman who had been in a compromising position.

    This prompted the actress to hit out at the film’s producers.

    “There are some people who do not want the movie to be released because they are upset at the actress who has been abused by the actor,” the statement said.

    According to an article in the Times of London, the two actresses have also accused the director of sexually assaulting them.

    “The actor has groped her multiple times, in an intimate setting, while they were all standing at attention.

    He then tried to force himself into her body and sexually assaulted her,” one of the women said.

    The Times report said that the actress had also complained to the director.

    “We do not wish to get involved with this actor,” one actress told the paper.

    In the past, Ambani has been accused of harassment by the women who claimed to be the victims.

    Ambani was also embroiled in a controversy over a hotel he owns in Mumbai, which he owns and manages himself.

    The hotel had a private screening room, which has since been converted into a private cinema.

    Ambane, the founder of the Mumbai-based Reliance Group, had claimed that the rooms had become “the main place of the VIPs” to have private viewing.

    The actor was arrested and is currently undergoing a medical check-up.


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