Male panties are a no-brainer for most women, but it’s also possible to get your foot in the door by wearing them under a shirt.

    Here are three tips for getting a little extra steamy under a skirt.


    Put on some underwear first.

    Most women don’t know how to properly clean their underwear, and if you want to make sure your teammates are on the same page, try putting on a pair of panties first before you go to work.


    Clean the top layer.

    When you put on a bra, it’s important to take care not to remove the top half of the bra underneath, and keep the top of the garment in place.

    If you have a pair that’s too short or too wide, you might want to shorten it or cut it in half to get rid of excess fabric.


    Wash the underwear.

    The key to getting a good-looking pair of underwear is to wash it thoroughly.

    A quick wipe on the back of the hand and neck area will get rid the excess fabric from the back, which is why it’s best to use a fabric sponge to scrub your underwear.

    When the sponge is dry, just rub it all over the back to remove any remaining fabric.

    If the sponge hasn’t dried out completely, try using a damp towel or a washcloth.


    Wipe off excess material.

    A good pair of undergarments has a good amount of padding and padding will take a little getting used to, so be patient and let it all come off.

    You can also use a cotton pad to wipe off any excess fabric on the bottom of the underwear, which will also help.


    Wash your panties again.

    If it’s still wet, gently rub the top portion of the fabric over the area you just wiped, then wipe it again.

    Repeat this process for the other side of the panties.

    It’s okay to rinse your panties if the excess is gone.


    Use your hand.

    It can be tempting to use your hand to pull up your panties or pull down the straps of your underwear, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you’re completely dry.

    It could cause the material underneath to become slippery and you could end up with an uncomfortable stain.


    Try different bra styles.

    The more you wear the same bra, the more likely it is that you’ll end up wearing the same underwear.

    In other words, a bra that has a few pockets might be better than one with more padding.


    Be careful about your skin.

    A shirt can be very comfortable on your chest, but when you’re standing in public or wearing a bikini, it can feel like you’re just getting warmed up.

    To prevent this, wear a bra with a thin strap that won’t cover your nipples or the area of your chest that’s exposed to the sun.


    Wash with soap and water.

    If your underwear looks really wet or has an extra bit of fabric that has been sitting around for too long, try washing it with hot soapy water.

    You don’t want to get the same stains on your underwear that you would get from using too much soap or water.


    Keep an eye out for new players.

    As new players come onto the scene, the expectation is that they’ll wear more and more undergarment, so keep an eye on what’s being worn by your teammates.

    You might want your teammates to be a little more attentive when they’re washing their underwear.

    You could try washing your panties before and after playing games to make it more noticeable that they’re using underwear, too.


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