By the time they’re worn in games, players and coaches are already preparing to go toe-to-toe with their opponents.

    So, it’s no surprise that NFL teams have decided to get rid of some of the most obvious panty hose designs from the past, including the ones that have made a comeback since the 1960s.

    Here are the 10 best and 10 worst.10.

    1958 Pittsburgh Steelers – “The Perfect Panty Hose”One of the best panty hauls from the NFL era was the 1958 Steelers, who wore these to the Super Bowl.

    The design is essentially a double layer of mesh, with a single strip running through the middle.

    It’s a bit awkward for the game but very effective on defense.

    It was also popular with women and, for some reason, many women liked them.9.

    1972 Washington Redskins – “Nasty Pantyhoses”Another panty-hose design from the 1970s and 80s, this time the Washington Redskins’ “Naughty” logo is a nod to their infamous “Nappy” tagline from the 1967 movie “The Sandlot.”

    It’s designed to be worn over a jersey, which is where the term “nasty” originated.

    The team has always been known for its off-the-field antics, so it was only a matter of time before the team went back to the style they had in the 1950s.8.

    1997 New York Giants – “Hairband Hanger”A great panty line from the ’70s, the Giants’ “Hangover” tag line has long been a favorite of fans.

    Its design is a bit odd for the sport and has been mocked on the internet.

    However, when it came time to introduce a new logo, it was all too fitting.

    The “Hanger” is an homage to a time when the team was known as “The Hanging Company” and they used to hang the players’ hair from hooks on their backs.

    The logo is so simple it is easy to forget the players used to play football on a team that was known for being dirty.7.

    1990 Indianapolis Colts – “Buckets and Pans”A staple of the Colts’ jerseys, this is one of the more popular “Hanging Company”-style logos from the 1990s.

    Its a nod back to a simpler era of the team when it was known simply as “Bucks”.

    The team did not have the popularity of the likes of the Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia Eagles during this era, so its a shame that the team never used the logo again.6.

    1980 San Diego Chargers – “Ladder Hanger Pants”The Chargers’ “Ladders and Pantry Hangers” logo was the last of the “Hangers” from the 1980s.

    The pantyline is simple but effective, and it is a great way to advertise your brand and help differentiate you from other teams.

    It is also used by the New York Jets in their “Tight Pants” slogan.5.

    1992 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – “Giant Hanger Panty”This is a throwback to the 1980 “Halls” look.

    The Bucs have been known to wear them since the early 1990s, and this design looks like a giant version of one from the early days of the league.

    They have since made the jump to the NFL’s current logo.4.

    1990 Pittsburgh Steelers- “Danger Pantry”The Steelers have worn this logo since at least 1989, and many fans have taken issue with it for its color scheme and use of the word “DANGER.”

    Its still used in the NFL today, but the Steelers are trying to change that.

    The name of the logo is derived from the term for “dangerous,” and it has always made a bad taste in my mouth.3.

    1993 New England Patriots – “Panthers Pantyline”The Patriots had the “Steelers Panty Line” in the 1990-91 season, which became known as the “Pittsburgh Steelers” after the team’s famous rivalry with the Steelers.

    The phrase was shortened to “Patriots PantyLine” after a New England player was fined for wearing it.

    The Patriots used the Panty line to sell jerseys during their Super Bowl XXXVI victory over the Detroit Lions.2.

    1985 Oakland Raiders – “Raiders Hanger Lines”Another one of those “hangers” that has been worn for years, the Raiders have worn them since 1985, and they have been worn on their uniforms ever since.

    The line is short and simple, but its still an effective marketing tool.1.

    1998 Green Bay Packers – “Dirty Panty Lines”The Packers’ “Dirt Panty lines” were popular from the late ’70’s to the early ’80s, but in recent years they have worn a different look with a little more flair.

    The Packers’ logo is still used, and the name is


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